Mr. Peter LIM

Senior Advisor

Mr. Lim provides structured debt instrument products and private credit advisory to Peirce Capital.

Mr. Lim is a seasoned banker with over 30 years of corporate and financial industry experience, including more than 27 years in HSBC Singapore, UOB Singapore and Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong). Over the years, Mr. Lim has held various senior positions in Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong), as Managing Director of Global subsidiaries (China corporate), Managing Director of Leverage Finance & Solution, and Managing Director of Structured Trade Finance.

His rich experience covers various specialized areas including structured finance, corporate banking, corporate finance, debt restructuring and recovery, technology-based lending etc, and he completed numerous complex and landmark transactions across Asia (e.g. Singapore, South East Asia, South Korea, Hong Kong and mainland China).

In the recent years, Mr. Lim has invested in a number of startups, one of which was successfully listed on Nasdaq in Oct 2021. He currently holds directorships in various companies advising them on fund raising and international business expansion.

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